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Solar energy is abundant, non-polluting and does not emit greenhouse gases responsible for global warming. Please visit the OTTO collection to see examples of commercial and residential buildings that use connected solar cells to form solar panels, along with other forms of conservation design.

Sunny Sandy Savary / Cottage Life West Summer 2014 Issue / Photography by Lisa Romerein

Pattern House Cover Story / Architectural Digest Russia July 2014 Issue / Photography by Bjorn Wallander

Floto+Warner + Colourant + Faded [+] Blurred

Floto + Warner’s recent project Colourant has been receiving a lot of press lately. The Blog, Faded [+] Blurred, recently featured their project along with some comments from Floto + Warner on their series.

“This work grew out of our 2009 Smoke Bomb series. We have a long-held fascination with expansive landscapes. Most of our personal photographic work is centered on an investigation of the landscape. We call the Colourants floating sculptural events. These are fleeting moments that block and obscure the landscape, a momentary graffiti of air and space.“

Alcoa in Fortune 500 / Fortune Magazine July 2014 / Photography by Floto+Warner

American Road Trips / Outside Magazine July 2014 Issue / Opener Photo by Richard Barnes

Floto + Warner Shoot September 11th Memorial for TIME

See Floto+Warner’s exclusive images of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, now featured in TIME Magazine!

New York Magazine 2014 Summer Design Issue / Cover and photos by Floto+Warner

Floto + Warner were recently asked to photograph their new home in Crown Heights, Brooklyn for New York Magazine.  An interior of the gutted two story home was featured on the cover of the magazine’s Design Hunting issue.

New York Magazine 2014 Summer Design Issue / Steven Harris Architects “Uptown Underground” / Photos by Scott Frances

False Bay House Cover and Feature Story / Photos by Benjamin Benschneider / Western Art & Architecture June/July 2014 Issue